Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I had a wonderful evening and great meal with James and Heidi Horton in Janesville, WI last night and then we left early this morning for Taliesin, the home and studio of Frank Lloyd Wright. What a great experience. His personal life was a mess, but he was an architectural genius. Here are a couple of pictures at the homesite he built in 1902-05 and his Romeo and Juliet windmill. Looks like 50s and 60s to me! Then we had lunch in a little town called Spring Green, came back and took the dogs for a long walk in a city park, and called it a day (all 5 of us!) Tomorrow, I need to leave really early - 619 miles to Joplin, Mo and dinner with my cousin Charles and his wife, Sherry. Here's a picture of James and Heidi.

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