Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Tuesday was a remarkable day! One I'll always remember. I left the dogs in the trailer and drove to Briar Island to go whale watching. I chose as my company. Tom, the owner is a biologist and his work has been featured with Jaques Cousteau(sp?) Tom, luckily, was the boatman for my trip. We went in a zodiac rubber sided boat with an outboard motor that he said was the same size motor as in a Honda Accord. The advantage of the zodiac is that when a whale is spotted, it can get there fast and first to see the blowing and tail slapping. And boy, did we!! It was awesome and amazing how close we were. We saw at least 8 different humpbacks - their tails are like a fingerprint and you can tell the difference. It was so hard to catch them on camera, but I got 2 great tail shots and a video. Digby scallops were on the menu both yesterday and today and Fred, I found the gas station/restaurant and of ALL of the scallops I've had -(at least 4 or 5 times), THOSE WERE THE ABSOLUTE BEST! Thanks for the tip! The waitress had worked there for 21 years and assured me that yes, this was the place! Today I explored Annapolis Royal and Digby an walked the pups on the boardwalks in both towns. They are such people magnets! Tomorrow I leave this beautiful province. Very sadly, I might add. I'll make my way to Montreal on Friday afternoon for a visit with my friend Jaycee and then on to Janesville, WI to see the Hortons. I'll have my phone on again after about noon on Monday. What a trip. I'm coming back - I haven't seen Cape Breton Island or Newfoundland yet!
no pictures tonight! Won't work. I'll try tomorrow

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