Saturday, August 22, 2009

As I suspected, it was the internet that was the problem - not me!

Here are Tucker, Abbie, Duncan and Lucy on the couch and (L-R) Lucy, Abbie (sitting up), Tucker and Duncan waiting for treats.

At a rest stop in Pennsylvania.

One of the many quilts at the store where I bought mine - why didn't I take a picture of it, I wonder! And...... (singing)... "the corn is as high as an elephant's eye" right next to my campsite!

I got to Bellingham, Massachusetts today - supposed to take 6.5 hours and took 9! I truly have my superwoman powers now - I conquered NYC! I drove the George Washington bridge in Hurricane Bill rain went 11 miles in two hours! Unbelievable, but I did it! It rained downpours , three or four times, but I am Powerwoman! Tucker and Abbie slept through it all. It was pretty hairy and scary. The campground tonight and tomorrow night is lovely - I'll take pictures tomorrow of my rig and the site. Tonight, I just finished singing with an Irish band in the barn here. They needed a female voice for "Gypsy Rover" and I volunteered ( I happened to know that one) and had a great time. I stayed up there for "All God's People Got a Place in the Choir" - another I knew. Great time, nice folks. Tomorrow, I'm off to Plimoth Plantation and Mayflower II in Plymouth. Good times, good fun.

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  1. Good for you, Linda. So glad you are having a great experience --- and made it through NYC! Now THAT'S an accomplishment!!