Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday, August 28, 2009

Yesterday, we explored the Bay of Fundy at high and low tides – a dramatic difference!
Doing so involved climbing down to the ocean floor - at one place there were 117 steps each way 234 in all! Plus, I had to carry Tucker down most of the steps due to his leg surgery. He can go up steps great, but I could tell he was trying to protect his leg going down, so I carried him. The other area had more steps, but I didn’t count. My poor ole left knee! Afterwards, I picked up some Fundy scallops for supper. In all of my life, I’ve never had been scallops. Sweet, lightly breaded and melt-in-your mouth good. The boats were coming in during high tide bringing the catch. They can only make it to the pier twice a day at high tide. Otherwise, as noted in the pictures, they would be coming in on sand. This place is a wonderland of nature and there is so much to see and do.

The dogs are passed out on the couch and I’m planning tomorrow’s adventures. I think we’ll go to Hopewell Rocks and Cape Engage'. More about those places next time.

It’s 51 degrees at 8:30 p.m. It’s a great night for sleeping!

Saturday afternoon

51 degrees and rainy, but not too hard. A little rain never hurt anyone. However, NOTE TO SELF #3: If you think carrying 35 pounds of dog down 87 steel steps to the beach so they can play on the rocks is a good idea, IT ISN'T! You have to carry them up, too!!! (the hole in the steel were too big for their tiny feet) And furthermore, the rocks were NOT a good idea at all! They were slippery (duh! They are under sea water 1/2 of their life!) It was an especially bad idea when I stepped on one end of a rock and tipped it while Tucker put his foot under the raised end! When I stepped off, the rock went down on his foot, and he started screaming bloody murder! I was sure I had broken his foot, However, he is just fine. Sure got everyone else's attention, though. Dog abuse!

I'll post picture from today at Hopewell Rocks and Cape Enrage another day, but here are a few from the high and low tide and the bay of Fundy.

The first is the dogs on the beach. The second is in the bay at high tide and the third is 6 hours later at low tide. It's amazing.

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