Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Monday - Home to West Memphis, AR: Note to self: When planning to blog on a trip - don't leave your computer power cord at home! Luckily my friend Sue found it for me and next-day'd it to me in Pennsylvania. Nothing happened the first day out, anyway except I drove about 430 miles. The pups did great and are great travelers.

Tuesday - WM to Lexington, KY: What beautiful country! The blue grass and horse fences and mansions almost caused me to wreck as I craned my neck both ways. Lots and lots of money here! I stayed at the state of KY Horse Park Campground - nice place - just soggy from all of the rain. Luckily, it had ended and Dean Hammond came to pick me up just as I finished setting up. Dean and Mary adopted Lucy and Duncan from the same breeder that Tucker and Abbie came from in Arizona. Tucker and Lucy and Abbie and Duncan are litter mates and we became friends during our two visits to get the pups. We thought it would be fun to see the four of them play, and was it ever! Three adults sat around all evening and watched four dogs romp, sniff, scuffle, chase, play "bite face" and bark!!! They were the cutest things and we are convinced they knew their litter mate. Mary and Dean were wonderful hosts and Mary's dinner was fabulous! Ill post the pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday - Lexington to Bird-in-Hand, PA (near Lancaster). Who thought driving 568 miles in one day was a good idea? Add three torrential downpours and three unexpected LONG tunnels through the mountains, and it made for a long day! 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Howver, there were three beautiful rainbows and sunshine after each storm. By the way, RVing friends, the '08 Toyota Sequoia is a DREAM tow vehicle! I frequently it was behind me! Up the Great Smokey Mountains and down again, it was the best! Highly recommended. I have to download the pictures, so will post them tomorrow. So far - 1570 miles into the trip. Amish doings tomorrow.

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