Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009
Today was so much fun! I thoroughly enjoyed touring the Amish country, watching a multimedia presentation about their lives, and touring a homestead. I bought a long-desired hand-stitched quilt from the mother of our teacher/tour guide. She told me all about choosing the color pattern – it is burgundy and forest green and ecru and in a Celtic Rose pattern. It’s being shipped home – cheaper than paying the tax rate! I joined two other women for mid-day meal at Dienners Smorgasbord. Oh my! Such great veggies – all grown on the premises (and no, Erica, they weren’t overcooked and mushy!) Yummy! Only problem was, there were also chicken and dumplings, buttered noodles, homemade mac and cheese and desserts galore including shoo-fly pie! That was the meal for the day! I had to come back and walk the dogs for an hour!

Then I went to a farmers’ market and bought tomatoes, sweet corn and pickled beets. I’ll eat like a queen tomorrow night!

Tomorrow, I’m driving into Philadelphia – wish me luck! I’ll do the walking Constitution tour and hit all of the highlights – maybe a trolley ride, too.

Humidity is killing me! Probably 90 percent.

The wifi is horrifically slow here, so probably no pictures til I move.

Life is good. Americans are great and RVers are the cream of the crop!

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  1. Hey Linda, I hope you had a fun day in Philly! My husband and I and my son are back in Staten Island today (bummer) but I had a wonderful time in Amish country! I'll keep checking your blog and have an excellent time! Lisa from Staten Island