Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, I think.
What a wonderful day! Finally, the weather is what I'd hoped for all along - 72 degrees and a gentle ocean breeze. I drove a whoppin' 85 miles from Bellingham, Ma to Salisbury, Ma to an RV park close to the beach. After setting up around 11, I ate, did laundry and emptied tanks then the pups and I took off to Newportbury four miles away for some serious beach walking! tThe harbor boardwalk was perfect! Breezy and three miles round trip. The dogs, of course, are people magnets and we made many new friends, including the owner of this 4 million dollar yacht who is now my sugar daddy and has invited me to sail the world with him! (No students, that's not true, I'm teasing!)

It is qute a boat, and about 50 people watched it mooring. Lots to do to get it all set. Kinda like my trailer. He had to back it in, too!

After our walk, the pups have died in their pen.
I stopped at a tiny little shack and got fried fresh clams and finished eating clams, shrimp dig and salad outside in the wonderful ocean air listening to Josh Groban and then Linda Eder on the cd player. Here's my little comfort space outside.

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